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Excavator 600 kg

Excavator 800 kg

Loader 908
(800 kg)

Loader 916
(1600 kg)

Ride-on Road Roller 800 kg

Ride-on Road Roller 1000 kg

Ride-on Road Roller 1500 kg

excavators, loaders Kingway Group

Kingway is a brand with many years of experience in the distribution of vehicles and machines such as mini excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders or rollers. Today, there are over 200,000 Kingway vehicles on the roads of Europe!
We present a wide range of construction machines that allow you to precisely match the parameters to your needs while maintaining extremely attractive prices.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service as well as permanent access to spare parts. Thanks to this, you can be sure that excavators, loaders or Kingway rollers will serve you for many years and their operation will be trouble-free.

Kingway - reliable equipment for every budget!

Favorable prices

Now You can buy new Kingway machine for only
20 000 zł!


A wide range of models

Find the right machine for your needs!

Service, spare parts

Effortless exploitation

We have 20 years of experience in the import of machinery and equipment.